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I'm not sure that we have formally met, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Nikki B, the creator of Nikki B's Protein Cookies. I am a crossfit athlete, coach and the one slinging the protein dough in the kitchen.

I started out making your usual, homemade, delicious but not so macro friendly cookies. They tasted INCREDIBLE but made you feel a little guilty when you indulged in them. I had a few friends at my gym who were incredibly persistent on the idea of coming up with a protein cookies geared towards the ones who put in the work in the gym, in life and in general that are also trying to be mindful of their macros. After what felt like months of pressure, I decided to give it a go and after two attempts, the original chocolate chip (The Beau Quintana) was created and boy was it a game changer!

See, unlike some protein cookies, Nikki B's taste like a real cookie. No gritty texture, no weird after taste and most importantly, always made by yours truly, in small batches, with love.

After word spread and a few close friends started demanding more and more cookies, I knew there needed to be some variety as not everyone is about chocolate chip (something I personally will never understand but respect everyone's opinions in their cookie preference). So enter white chocolate lemon (The Palladino), my personal favorite along with the always festive funfetti (The Cienne). Along with our three regulars, I'm always trying to come up with fun new flavors to match the season, your macro and dietary needs and most importantly to make your heart even happier when you're consuming these wonderful cookies that won't leave you feeling guilty.

But working out of your kitchen can only get you so far, so I spent some time laying the groundwork to get Nikki B's Protein Cookies officially in business!


Fun Fact: Starting a business is quite some work but one of the most exciting parts of this process was being able to work with Dave Cannaday (Crawling Panther Tattoo), a local tattoo artist. The two of us went back and forth with ideas and within a few days the Nikki B's original three logo that you see on just about everything was created. 


With that being said, we are here and excited to serve you up with some incredible baked goods, made local in Ocala, FL, fresh, homemade and most importantly with love. 

Thank you for your support, love and encouragement, it truly means the world to me,

With love,

Nikki B.

Super Rad Photo Credit: Daniel Bray Photography 

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